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GHS Basketball Finishes
A Season of Learning

By Jarowski Rankin
GHS Basketball Coach
The opportunity to become the head basketball coach at Grenada High School was an answer to my prayers. When the year began, I wasn’t exactly sure about what type of offensive and defensive system we wanted to implement for the young men. I knew that initally, it would be a challenge. This is class 6A basketball, the highest level in which a high school player can compete. We are competing against solid programs across the region. Also with change, there is always a transitional process requires adjustments from coaches and players. The process takes some time and a lot of patience.
However, I have strong faith in the vision and mission we established as a team. The coaches have made it our goal to build trust and meaningful relationships with the players. It is important that the students know that the coaching staff and educators care about them not only as players, but also about their future after graduation. A major priority has been building trust among the team.

At the core of our vision and mission, we want to build a program in which the young men demonstrate good character in the classroom and in the community, as well as, on the court. We stress academics, behavior, and attitude. These principles are the basics which will allow the young men opportunities to achieve any goal that they aspire to accomplish.

Currently, the team is 14-12. The guys have been relentless and resilient throughout the year throughout disappointments. We have lost several close games this year. After each loss, the players come back to work at practice with the right frame of mind. I feel as though the guys are beginning to learn that in failure, you learn how to win. Also, the guys have learned that in order to be successful, they have to play as a team.
Each player has made a commitment to the team to get better and take more accountability for their actions. By doing so, the players have realized that nothing is impossible.