Jr. High Quarterbacks

Junior High Football Emphasizes Fundamentals

The development of the seventh and eighth grade football teams concentrates upon a three-fold training plan designed to prepare students for participation on the high school team. “We are on the same page as the high school,” states Junior High Head Coach Stan Robertson. “Our techniques and strategies coincide.”

“We concentrate upon character development, the concept of competition, and basic techniques,” says Robertson. “These three components comprise the philosophy of our teaching strategies.”
“Character development encompasses a range of attitudes important to the development of a team,” Robertson describes. “Respect for teammates, development of personal discipline, and goal-setting are vital components of a successful team and necessary values for a successful life. The character building lessons learned in football practice are applicable in every aspect of a student’s life.”

The concept of competition is also important to convey to students. Robertson continues, “Most areas of life include competition in some manner. Our goal is to balance intense competition with appropriate respect for others.”

Instruction of football techniques is intrinsic in all practices. “Emphasis upon effective offensive and defensive strategies are part of each practice,” states Robertson. "Our teaching methods are a step-by-step process emphasizing each facet of football fundamentals. Body stance, placement of the eyes and head, methods of blocking, securing the tackle, and catching the ball are individual elements that join to comprise a complete teaching strategy.”

The coaching staff for junior high football, consisting also of Chad Griffin, Cameron Tawater, and Wesley Richardson, coordinate training strategies for optimum impact upon the players.

Robertson, originally from Sledge, Mississippi, was formerly employed at Ripley High School as Defensive Coordinator and Powerlifting Coach. Grenada fans look forward to upcoming junior high games to be a part of Charger Spirit !