Alumni Spotlight-Angela Skidmore

Angela Marascalco Skidmore
By Jamie Kornegay
GSD Reporter

Ever since she was a girl in middle school, Angela Marascalco's friends knew where to find her.

"In this family, we work," says Angela's father, pharmacist Frank Marascalco, the famously industrious owner of Sav- Mor Drugs, a Grenada institution. "In high school, Angela would come straight in after school and work in the boutique, selling jewelry and gifts, and stay until closing at six o'clock."

A strong work ethic, and real-life lessons in dealing with people, gave Angela Marascalco Skidmore (Class of 1986) the foundation she needed to become a successful dentist with a practice in Millington, Tennessee.

After graduating from Grenada High School, Angela attended Ole Miss from 1986-1990 and received a Bachelor of Science in biology. She attended dental school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1994. While at dental school, Angela met her husband, Mark Skidmore, a fellow dental student from Columbus, Ohio. They married in 1995, and he now practices in Germantown, Tennessee, and Hernando, Mississippi.

The Skidmores live in Arlington, Tennessee, and have two daughters. Alaina, who graduated this year from Arlington High School with a 4.4 GPA, is headed to Ole Miss in the fall to major in biology and looks forward to dental school. Their younger daughter, Anna, was recently voted sophomore class president at AHS and plans to attend Ole Miss as well. She wants to go into the medical field and dreams of thoracic surgery.

"We are a medical/dental family," Angela says. "My husband's brother is a neurosurgeon, and my nephew just graduated from Duke and starts med school this fall."

Maybe it all goes back to working in the drug store and watching her dad help customers with their healthcare needs. "My mom and dad are my biggest role models," Angela says. "My dad believed in families working together to build strong work ethics. They put family first, work hard, and always find time to enjoy themselves."

At the time, she admits, she complained about having to be home every night for family dinner. Family life always came before social life. "I can appreciate it now, especially since I have kids," she says. "You have to have boundaries and consequences in life." Angela and her husband have adopted similar values in their family. Their girls have worked at their dental practices, and while it's not always easy when there is competitive dance, volleyball, student government, and numerous clubs and social commitments, the girls work as much as they can. "I want to instill good work ethics and examples for my girls, just like my parents provided the best ones for me," says Angela.

In high school, her family life extended to school as well. One of her favorite teachers was Coach Louis Marascalco, her father's first cousin, who taught Mississippi history and civics. She also fondly recalls her band director, David Daigneault, now the district's superintendent.

"I have discovered in so many places that band is not a big deal like it was in Grenada," Angela says. "Even my husband teases me about being a 'band geek,' but then he never had the privilege of hearing, seeing or being involved in such a stellar program. Geek is a word that never described GHS band members in my day. We were the leaders in the school — the go-getters — and I truly believe that Mr. Daigneault's program promoted a great sense of worth, flexibility, sacrifice, camaraderie, pride. These are the words that I associate with my high school band experience."

Angela was glad to hear the Grenada Band still represents the virtues of hard work and excellence, and when asked for further words of advice for current students at Grenada Schools, she recalls a message she wrote in her daughter Alaina's graduation yearbook: "Your future does not lay in front of you but deep inside you. It's not about finding yourself but about creating yourself. Rise by lifting others and always be nice. Life is all about how you handle Plan B. Find the joy in all the choices you make and remember, in the end, good girls always win!"