Accelerated Reader...What is it?

By Lynne Marascalco
GES Librarian

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a computer software product that promotes student reading. Accelerated Reader opportunities are available for Grenada students in grades K-8.
The program offers personalized reading quizzes on thousands of books on every grade level. After finishing a book at their own pace, students take a short reading quiz. These quizzes help teachers and parents monitor each child’s reading level and comprehension and helps to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Within the Accelerated Reader program are four types of quizzes. Reading practice quizzes ask students about the book to measure comprehension. Vocabulary practice quizzes help readers improve their vocabulary knowledge and skills. For beginning readers, recorded voice quizzes allow students to take the tests on their own with the help of a narrator. The literacy skills quiz asks more difficult questions that requires students to use 24 different reading skills.

The AR program is a valuable tool for parents to help their children with reading skills. The books in the GES and GUES libraries are color-coded on the spine to designate levels---
yellow is first grade, green is second, blue is third, red is fourth, and orange is fifth and above. Students check out books from the library or their teacher, read them, and then use computers or laptops in the classroom or the NEO2 laptop in the library to take brief 5-10 question quizzes.

According to the Renaissance Learning website, 155 research studies have been conducted about the effectiveness of the AR program. The Florida Center for Reading Research found that students who used the program in addition to their basic reading studies increased their progress and experienced greater reading comprehension.