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Superintendent's Message

Photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault
Walls to Windows Expansion

Grenada School District's Walls to Windows program, our multi-faceted initiative to impact grades K-12, has been organized to provide a success pathway for our students. GSD is expanding and refining the Walls to Windows components to prepare students to be life-long learners and productive members of society. Walls to Windows begins with a new world class Pre-Kindergarten program and progresses to a pilot group of advanced learners that will participate in comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) training in elementary and middle school.

In addition, high school students will have real world experiences in new Biomedical Science and Engineering courses. Career and college pathways will be enhanced with expanded opportunities to enroll in dual credit / dual enrollment classes and online coursework. Finally, high school students will begin regular ACT preparation using research-based methods of instruction.

Embarking on a cultural renaissance, the Grenada School District will start by increasing student readiness for kindergarten by opening a Pre-K Program where state of the art learning centers and proven learning strategies will challenge students who are learning at a higher academic level. Advanced learners in grades two to six will be engaged in STEM experiences via the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum. The elementary educational experience, PLTW Launch, integrates science and math with technology and engineering in studentcentered, project-based activities that prepare the students for the more advanced middle school experience.

PLTW Gateway in GMS uses coding, robotics, flight, space, and DNA to engage students' natural curiosity and imagination. Creative problem solving, applied to challenges such as crime scene analysis, is at the heart of the PLTW curriculum. The District plans to expand on this program to include more students over the next few years. The PLTW curriculum exposes students to a number of careers – especially careers in medicine and engineering.

The District is adding the first of several courses in PLTW Biomedicine and PLTW Engineering at the high school level.

Pathways to college and careers will be strengthened by opportunities for advanced high school students to earn college credit. The District works closely with Holmes Community College and has an impressive number of dual credit / dual enrollment courses as well as online courses available for students who qualify.

Additional counseling and support will be given at the middle school and at the high school level to aid students in gaining valuable work skills and in exploration of possible career choices. The addition of ACT preparatory classes will help our District make the possibility of graduation from high school with college credit a reality for an ever-increasing number of students.

To coordinate and oversee this ambitious initiative, the Grenada School District has hired Sherry Worsham to serve as the Director of Innovation in Education. Stating that she feels privileged to be of service to the community, Mrs. Worsham enthusiastically embraces this opportunity to build on the impressive past accomplishments of the awardwinning District and to be a partner in improving the quality of education for all students.