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Using Test Data to Improve Instruction

In the Grenada School District, the process of accumulating and analyzing data is vital for growth.  The analyzation of the students’ test data is organized and interpreted to drive a multitude of decisions, including planning student remedial activities to ensure mastery of content, determining appropriate enrichment activities, and delineating the needs of students and teachers.

The test data is used by teachers, instructional specialists, and administrators to drive classroom planning and instruction.  As data is accumulated, the data is organized and interpreted to optimally use the information.  The analysis of data provides information about each student, providing teachers with the strengths and weakness of each individual, driving instruction tailored to the needs of each student.  This process allows teachers to modify and differentiate instruction to meet the individual’s needs.

Test data is accumulated from a variety of sources and is ongoing throughout each school year.  End-of-year MCT2 testing and Subject Area Tests provide an overview of the year’s accomplishment.  However, these tests are the culmination of testing throughout the year including District Common Assessments every nine weeks and tests usually administered weekly.  These ongoing evaluations serve to individualize instruction and remediation and to deepen understanding of concepts already mastered.

Ongoing testing, evaluation of results, and application of results is an inherent component of current educational practices.  Testing enables the diagnosis of learning deficiencies, appropriate remediation procedures, and thereby, readiness for college and careers.  Our students, teachers, and staff have worked hard to provide academic improvements and advancements through appropriate and diligent testing and evaluation to efficiently educate our community’s children.
photo of Dr. David Daigneault