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Successful Grant Initiatives

GSD has been proactive in researching and applying for grants and initiatives that have enabled our District and students to increase successes.  Two of our grant have emphasized tutoring and curriculum objectives.  These two programs, AmeriCorps and the 21st Century Grant, have been extremely advantageous for our students and have contributed to our students’ increased scores on State tests.

The Grenada School District AmeriCorps Program has achieved remarkable results, providing an invaluable service for the children of our community.  Grenada’s four-year AmeriCorps’ tutoring initiative has targeted students with remedial needs in math and reading, enabling our students to make impressive academic advances.  Providing one-on-one and group  tutoring services to these at-risk students has enabled pupils to dramatically improve their academic abilities.

Last year, our AmeriCorps tutoring program served over 830 at-risk students in grades K-12, with the four-year sum of students served totaling over 2,900 pupils!  Almost all of the tutored students showed at least a 15% improvement in scores, with almost half of the students improving over 50%!  The grants received have provided approximately a 70% match for the total AmeriCorps program, bringing about $1,300,000 in funds to implement this program.  In addition to the benefits for our students, over the past four years AmeriCorps has provided a living allowance for over 100 people, brought to Mississippi over $300,000 in education awards for the members, and provided community service for our town.

AmeriCorps has been refunded for 2012-13! The Program will bring 29 members to provide student tutoring during the upcoming year.  Funding each year is contingent upon successful tutoring, adequate reporting, financial accuracy, and grant submission and approval.

The 21st Century Grant has been implemented to assist in decreasing the dropout rate at Grenada High School, combining pieces of academics, workplace relevance, and technology skills together to create an environment to motivate students to stay in school.  Participation in the after school classes and our summer program have provided unique opportunities for our students to be prepared for today’s workforce. 

The 21st Century activities have assisted students in achieving success in passing the State-mandated subject area tests required for graduation.  Activities have been centered upon the merging of academic core objectives into real-life career classes, organizing skills to enhance the connections between school and work, and making learning more relevant for our students.

The 21st Century Program has brought approximately 1.2 million dollars in funding to our District during the years of implementation.  The recent monitoring of the GSD program at the conclusion of the five year grant received an excellent rating.  Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault states, “ Lynne Russell, Director of the 21st Century initiative, has exceeded our expectations for this program, enabling our students to increase academic skills and enhance career objectives and allowing the District to be recognized for excellence by the Mississippi Department of Education.”

The GSD has applied to the Mississippi Department of Education for another five-year cycle of grant funding for the 21st Century Grant Program.  Notification will be received in late July.
photo of Dr. David Daigneault

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