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GSD Goals, Improvements

The Grenada School District has a focused goal: educational achievement to give all of our community’s children a foundation for a successful life. Educational achievement provides the vehicle for the success of our students and our community. Our progress toward the goal of academic achievement has been obtained through careful planning and organization, addressing our goal through a variety of methods, and from lots of focus and hard work from the faculty, administration, and students.

We have also endeavored to improve other facets of our District to provide optimum impact in extra-curricular activities. We have provided a variety of improvements to the athletic department to enable our students to have a positive experience in each sport. For football, many additions and improvements have been made, with plans for additional implementations. The 7th and 8th grade dressing rooms under the stadium have been remodeled, additional storage space has been built under the stadium, new weight equipment has been purchased for the athletic complex, and a coaching position has been added to the football staff. The Board has approved renovations to the Athletic Complex by planning to air condition the weight room and add 20 more lockers. Scheduling modifications have also taken place. The 7th and 8th grade football teams now have separate practice periods to provide more individualized instruction. High school athletics have been scheduled during 7th period to allow practice to begin at 2:30 p.m. to provide time for year-round conditioning.

Other sports also have received updates and planned improvements. A new underground water system has been installed on the softball field and plans are in progress to build new restrooms for baseball and to resurface the high school basketball gym floor.
These improvements to athletics have been implemented to maximize Grenada’s sports offerings for our students. To minimize the costs to the District, a large portion of the improvements have been created and built by our excellent maintenance department. We are trying to maximize the effects of every dollar spent to provide improvements for our students and not raise the costs for the taxpayers. In these times of budget crunch, we have kept costs down, balanced the needs of each sport with the needs of the schools, and been equitable with the expenditure of funds.

Every department has pressing needs. The District has considered the needs of each and has implemented a long-term plan for improvements to spread out the costs. The Grenada School District continues to progress, providing education and services to optimize the future of our students.

photo of Dr. David Daigneault