photo of superintendent Dr. David Daigneault

Superintendent's Message

A School for the Whole Community

Why is education a public responsibility? We've all chosen to live together in this community, and if we want to keep it as safe and prosperous as we can, it's in everyone's best interest to educate its youngest citizens. Not just our own, or the ones who show the most promise, but EVERY child.

That's why we are grateful for the local community partners who make up our High Hopes organization. Every year around Valentine's Day, we show our love for these community partners by delivering valentines. It's a small token of our appreciation for our essential "stakeholders."

We want to make sure you're aware of these partners, who contribute to GSD through their expertise, their products, and their involvement. They add to the quality of education for our students and, furthermore, the quality of our community. They understand that helping the kids of Grenada is not only the right thing to do, it ensures greater economic and job development as well as a tighter-knit community.

High Hopes members focus their service by adopting an individual school, from the elementary all the way up to high school. Members meet periodically with a teacher coordinator from the adopted school to discuss which resources are available and where they may best be utilized.

A number of grocery and department stores donate goods for the classroom and special events. We also work with local hotels and restaurants. For example, McAllister's supplies tea for home football games, the proceeds of which support the Grenada Bands. Recently, Pizza Inn donated reward certificates for our 21st Century Classes and Students of the Month. Local churches such as Emmanuel Baptist and civic organizations like the Junior Auxiliary volunteer their time and resources, organizing drives for school supplies and student clothing as well as helping with field trips. Some of our fellow municipal organizations, including the Grenada Fire Department and Grenada Police Department, send officers to read to students or speak about the duties and equipment of their jobs.

Often, these business partners aren't incurring exorbitant expenses, they're simply lending a hand — sharing what they have and what they know. That's the way a healthy community functions!

Several local industry partners have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to Grenada School District. They've not only invited students to visit their facilities for hands-on learning but helped upgrade our facilities and even provided thousands of dollars to help fund innovative curriculum, such as Novipax's generous contributions to our Project Lead the Way program.

Forward-thinking local industry has an incentive to partner with local schools because they can enhance programs that train high school students in work force skills. A talented young labor pool insures good jobs in the community.

Finally, our active partners in High Hopes together form a resounding endorsement for our school district. It proves that the community believes in the Grenada School District, making us more attractive to grants and scholarships.

We've printed below a complete list of this year's High Hopes adopters. Please take a look at this list and familiarize yourself with the businesses that support your children's education. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts to support our kids and, in a greater sense, our community.

And if you'd like to see your business on this list, contact our High Hopes coordinator, Lisa Holland, at or 662-226-1575.