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Extra-Curricular Activities Decrease Drop-Out Rate

A variety of studies have provided data that demonstrated a correlation between lower drop-out rates and student participation in extra-curricular activities. Therefore, the Grenada School District offers an availability of multiple opportunities of quality extra-curricular activities for a diverse range of students. Not only do the extra-curricular activities provide needed services for our students, these endeavors assist in bringing our community together through common interests.

Grenada School District’s extra-curricular spectrum offers a diverse number of excellent opportunities for our students. Our exemplary Band Program brought home two Grand Championships this fall, our GHS Football Team has shown marked success and will compete in the State 6A playoffs, and Visions participants perform at venues across our county. The test scores of GSD have improved and our drop-out rate has decreased, in part due to the excellent quality and diverse opportunities of our after-school programs.

Research has demonstrated that extra-curricular structured school activities also correlate with a more positive social and academic self-concept, taking more advanced courses, spending more time on homework, and higher occupational aspirations. Data shows that participation in after-school activities is linked with increased motivation and concentration on their studies and decreased antisocial behavior.
Participation in extra-curricular activities is directly related to the students’ sense of belonging and contributing to an organization. Taking part in school-based activities provides an opportunity for students to feel that they are a valued part of the school community. The one-on-one and small group interactions with teachers and staff during these activities allow students to increase school affiliation and feel more a part of the school entity. Therefore, the students’ participation and perception of belonging assists them in staying in school and developing a positive sense of self. These activities make the student feel part of the group, important to the school, and more motivated to perform. It is important that students have something positive to look forward to that will meet the kinship/com-panionship needs of being a teenager.

Our District offers superior programs in sports, band, choir, vocational clubs, and after-school classes with career emphasis in our 21st Century Programs. Our administrators, teachers, and staff recognize the importance of students’ emotional growth and its implications for graduation. GSD is constantly evaluating and updating our strategies to most effectively help our students to progress academically and maximize their potential for graduation and personal occupational goals.
photo of Dr. David Daigneault