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Providing Effective District Communications

Grenada School District uses a variety of methods to disseminate information to our students, parents, and community members. Communication provides a foundation for community support, prevents misunderstandings, and fosters avenues for effective change. We convey our messages to all of our constituencies to clearly communicate the purpose of our District, the future we are creating, and indicators of progress. Our Ten-Fold Communications Plan disseminates information through the following multiple media methods to provide optimum saturation of data:
  1. In-depth information on our District website created in-house allows flexibility and immediacy.
  2. A monthly District newspaper was instituted and is distributed monthly throughout the County to provide an ongoing communications vehicle to delineate our activities, plans, and progress.
  3. We began a facebook page to provide a communications vehicle through social media, and we utilize the online Active Parent service to give instant parental access to data.
  4. We initiated a service to call all parents in the District when immediacy is most important.
  5. Cable television is employed to broadcast video of data, charts, and progress.
  6. Printed and digital media including brochures, booklets, flyers, and DVDs are disseminated to the community and directly to the students.
  7. We employ press releases and press conferences for area media.
  8. Group meetings such as civic club and faculty meetings, Partners in Education activities, and community gatherings are used to disseminate info.
  9. A large output printer is utilized to create large posters/signs to distribute data at every school and school marquees provide immediacy in information distribution.
  10. District tours have been instituted to acquaint community leaders with initiatives and progress.
We have brought diverse members of our community together in support of our District by the utilization of our Ten-Fold Plan, through our Partners in Education program, community surveys, and the use of community members on steering committees and Round Table Discussions. Building and improving relationships with internal and external stakeholders is an important facet of our communications.

Specific actions of our staff to achieve the District’s long-term purposes include the promotion of regular, systemic opportunities for collaboration and shared leadership among all stakeholders. These actions include dissemination of information through Partners in Education adopters at each school, booster clubs, PTO, and faculty meetings, Career and Technical Craft Committees, Superintendent/Teacher Advisory Committees, posting of signs at each facility, and open board meetings, including annual reports.

Staff actions for short term goals include data distribution through Active Parent (a student management package), information and flyers distributed directly to students and parents, monthly parent newsletters, Parent Center, school marquees, District and local newspapers, weekly meetings with leadership teams, and meetings with PTOs, civic clubs, District Title I, and Partners in Education members.  The staff is committed to fostering two-way communications to facilitate open discussions of District goals.

We have used every medium possible to saturate our community with District data to effectively communicate our directions, plans, and successes.  We strive to supply consistent, accurate District information to fully inform all constituencies and garner community support.
Photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault