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GSD Establishes Campus Police Department  

In order to provide more effective and efficient security for our students, Grenada School District has created an officially recognized Campus Police Department. The establishment of a GSDDepartment will provide many benefits for our District and will operate following best practices by adhering to standards of the Mississippi Department of Education and POST (Mississippi Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training).
Grenada School District Campus Police Department was granted agency ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) on February 26, 2014.  School-based police officers will be provided special training beyond the standard training provided in the police academy.  Topics such as special education laws, school law, crime prevention through environmental design, and school emergency-crisis planning will be included in the Campus Police training that are typically not on the agenda in regular police academy training.
The presence of armed officers and patrol cars will deter much of the activity that would disrupt the educational process.  Our SRO’s (Security Resource Officers) are integrated into the schools’ culture and will differentiate between disciplinary issues and crime problems. They will respond appropriately and will de-escalate school-based incidents whenever possible, minimizing the use of law enforcement intervention.  Response times will be 1-3 minutes, compared to 3-7 minutes from dispatched officers.
Clear, strong, and ongoing communication between school-based law enforcement officers and school administrators will be maintained.  The establishment of the Campus Department will also enable GSD the authority to carry the officers’ commission, eliminating a problem of outside officer certification.
Grenada Campus Police Department jurisdiction is limited to each campus plus 500 feet, with any situation out side of that perimeter answered by the appropriate agency. In the City will be the Grenada Police Department, and in the County the jurisdiction will be the Grenada Sherriff Department.
“Grenada School District has always taken a very proactive stance to address needs of our students, teachers and administrators,” said GSD Security Coordinator Benji Britt. “I am honored to be part of the process and look forward to serving the needs of our District.”
Photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault