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GSD Continues to Focus Upon Academic Progress

The official test data received from the Mississippi Department of Education has verified the District’s outstanding academic achievement results. The positive preliminary results have been confirmed and the resulting scores produced by our students, teachers, and administrators have become a source of pride for our District. This past school year Grenada students’ scores ranked fourteen QDI points above the State average! (Student results are interpreted by comparisons of a measurement called “QDI”.) All of the GSD schools have improved student academic achievement since the 2007 implementation of Mississippi’s new educational accountability system.  This accountability model labels our District as “Successful,” and labels the Middle School as “High Performing,” an achievement that ranks GMS in the top 25% of schools in Mississippi!  We are so proud of these efforts of all students and staff.

Score Chart Comparison

These achievement results have been obtained through collaborations of teachers and administrative staff to increase our students’ levels of learning.  Initiatives such as tutoring programs, subject area remediation, and positive behavioral classroom management have had a great impact upon the achievement of our students.  These initiatives have been implemented through a variety of programs and grants such as AmeriCorps, 21st Century, the Credit Recovery Program, and Extended School Year.

Addressing the goal of academic achievement has required the coordination of efforts of the entire GSD staff.  The “prize” of increased test scores and academic achievement has been obtained through careful planning and organization, addressing the goal through a variety of methods, and lots of focus and hard work from the faculty, administration, and students.

Hard work and intense focus toward a goal pay off. Our goal for academic progress is on track. I wish to congratulate our administrative staff, teachers, and students for their exemplary test score achievements.  However, our goals for progress and achievement are ongoing.  We intend to continue our quest for excellence with continued progress as our goal. 

Our students need and deserve a solid education to enable them to compete in the global marketplace.  Educational achievement provides the vehicle for success for our students and our community.  GSD is committed to the quest for excellence through continual teacher training, the implementation of model practices, and constant emphasis upon individual, as well as, District-wide success.  Education is the key to achievement in today’s economy. The Grenada School District has a focused goal: educational achievement to give all of our community’s children the foundation for a successful life.  This year’s excellent scores are the result of our focused goal and hard work.  Congratulations to administrators, teachers, and students!  Keep up the good work!
photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault