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2013 Scores

The Grenada School District continues to excel in providing educational excellence for the students in Grenada.  For the second time in the history of the District, a rating of “B”, or High Performing was achieved.  On the state test, Grenada Schools outperformed the state average by 18 points.  The district demonstrated student growth by improving its Quality Distribution Index (QDI) score from 179 in the 2011-2012 testing to 186 on this year’s testing, an improvement of seven points. 

Each school in the district continued to show significant improvements on the state test as well.  Grenada Lower Elementary School improved its’ QDI from a 146 five years ago to 170 this year,  based on 3rd grade test results, the starting point in state test.  If growth could be determined, Grenada Elementary School would be rated a “B”, or High Performing.

Grenada Upper Elementary School achieved the rating of “B”, or High Performing, improving its QDI from 165 last year to 180 this year.  For Grenada Middle School, a QDI of 196 was achieved, an improvement from 188 achieved last year.  Grenada Middle School is rated as “B”, High Performing.  Finally, Grenada High School continues to show educational excellence by achieving a QDI of 196, as compared to an Index of 167 five years ago.  Although the high school had a remarkable QDI, it missed making academic growth by .015 points, resulting in a rating of “C”, or Successful.  Other successes at the high school include, over a seven-year period, a 24.9% increase in the graduation rate, a 24.5% decrease in the dropout rate, a 26.4% in the completion rate and boasted 251 students graduating in 2013, as compared to 184 in 2005.  All of these remarkable results in academic gains are a result of dedication, perseverance, and commitment of the faculty, staff, administration, and school board.

Other improvements made by the Grenada School District include a new science lab to be completed in February 2014 at the high school, renovations to the home side of the football stadium, new computer labs at both the lower and upper elementary schools, Teacher Academy, a new program at the Career and Technical Center with the goal of sparking an interest in future teachers.  The District has also been able to invest in Elementary Instructional Specialists to assist in the implementation to Common Core.

The District continues to provide extended school year, credit recovery, tutoring programs, and intensive reading programs this year for all students.  The District is especially proud to receive the AmeriCorps Grant for a three-year period in the amount of approximately 350,000 for the first year, and a total of over a million dollars for the three-year period.  This grant provides for 29 AmeriCorps teachers to offer tutoring and interventions to underperforming students.  The five-year 21st Century grant of 1.6 million dollars was also awarded to the district.  This program provides for after school tutoring and workforce classes for students at both the middle and high schools. Another grant received includes the COPS grant in the amount of $20,000.00.  
photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault