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GHS Engineering Lab Completed

The GSD Maintenance Department has recently completed the renovations for the new PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Engineering Lab at Grenada High. Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Pickle states, "The renovations serve to provide the appearance and infrastructure of a professional engineering space. From rewiring the facility to accommodate electrical and internet requirements to providing glass doors to improve visibility and enhance the visual effect, the Engineering Lab will provide optimum educational experiences for our students."

The Lab boasts a 3-D printer room, supply room, conference area, project display case, a versatile movable teacher station, eight student workstations, solid surface coun-ter tops, and 30 of the latest new laptops. The gleaming glass doors, energy efficient lighting system, and two 70" smart tv's emphasize the professional tone for the new classroom/lab/office and will engage students with in-depth projects to foster science knowledge and growth.

PLTW Coordinator Sherry Worsham states, "The redesigned space is designed to function like a business. The sleek environment includes areas for STEM technology, student collaboration, independent work, and conference meetings-all designed to place students into the varied roles engineers play in our society."

The redesigned space provides real-world learning in a modem setting. The Engineering Lab's glass doors, urban-inspired back and grey furniture, and cleverly designed workspaces provides the optimum configuration for hands-on experiences.

Worsham continues, "On a typical day, students work to investigate problems like bio-fuel production, affordable housing design, or the strength of structures and materi-als for building. The students work individually and in teams to design and test solutions. The new PLTW Engineering Lab supports collaboration, critical thinking, and communication-all in-demand, transportable work skills."

GSD consistently strives to offer our students the optimum opportunities for success in the global economy. The new Engineering Lab m1derscores this commitment to excellence by enabling GHS students to use the design process, apply math and science knowledge, and incorporate engineering standards in a state-of-the-art educational space.