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Data Walls Guide Instruction

In order to ensure academic growth for each child, GSD is developing "Data Walls" to provide a visual image of academic growth. Developed by GMS Principal Marshall Whittemore, Data Walls provide a visual, interactive representation of data displaying results over a period of time. Data Walls offer an "at a glance" look at a school's data as a whole, for specific classrooms, and for individual students.

Data Walls use magnetic color-coded boards and magnets to define hallway and classroom charts of progress. Student scores are shown with a number system to ensure data confidentiality. Status of progress is easily observed in color-coded score ranges. This graphic enables teachers to utilize the info from the Data Walls to guide instructional decision-making, determine small group instruction, and assist students in achieving their goals. The information displayed on the Data Walls tracks the progress of each student toward their personalized goal of academic achievement. The tool used to measure thestudent's progress is called District Common Assessments (which are the Nine Weeks tests).

After each District Common Assessment, teachers and students analyze results to determine if students are on track to achieve their goals. Students and teachers identify areas of strength and areas of growth, so teachers can provide enrichment and remediation in areas needed.

Students goals are determined from yearly standardized score data required by the State. Each child's scale score and proficiency and accountability level is based on their standardized tests. Last year's test was called Questar or PARCC, this year's test is MAP (Mississippi Assessment Program).

The goals and assessment statistics are portrayed on the Data Walls to create a picture of individual, classroom, and grade level progress. Data Walls is a visual communication tool that assists students and teachers in measuring academic progress and establishing goals throughout the school year.