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Superintendent's Message

Photo of Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault
School Attendance Improvements

Student absenteeism is another challenge being addressed by GSD. Average daily attendance, or ADA, is based on the average number of students prese

nt during the months of October and November. Consistent school attendance is one of the most important factors influencing student achievement. ADA also affects the amount of funding the District receives from the State, impacting the amount of resources available for instrnction, teacher salaries, technology, and building materials, etc.

Research shows that students are more likely to succeed in academics if they attend school consistently. If a student is absent, it is difficult for he/she to build upon previous learning. Absence in class forces the student to complete assignments independently, with the student missing classroom discussions, demonstrations, and experiments. Each child's educational progress is impacted by their attendance in school.

In practical terms, children's attendance impacts school resources. By encouraging our students to be present each day for class, we are able to ensure that adequate funds from the State reach our District.

The funding GSD receives from the State is tied to ADA. For the "average" student attendance in October and November, our District receives $5,359 per student per year. Last year's ADA improved 2% over the rate from the 2014-15 school year, from 94% attendance to 96.04% attendance in those months. This increase of ADA provided the District with an additional $380,000! This increase of funding is extremely significant, providing new teachers, equipment, and expanded services.

School attendance patterns have a multi-faceted impact upon each student. Positive behaviors and responsible actions are additional traits found in students with regular attendance. Since learning is a progressive activity, consistent attendance also fosters student participation in daily classroom activities.

Parents can assist the District in striving for good attendance practices. Parents can model their value of education by helping their children arrive at school on time and by checking their homework. Parents are requested to avoid scheduling medical appointments during the school day, and to plan family events or trips with the school schedule in mind. Family goals should include setting a regular bedtime and morning routine, as well as, preparing clothes and school backpacks the night before. Children realize the importance of education by observing parents' interest and behavior.

Parents are requested to assist the District in limiting student absences throughout the year, but especially during the monthS of October and November.

We have increased our ADA goal to 96.5% and are soliciting parent assistance in this endeavor. Attending school every day and being on time sets the stage for student success and achievement. Parents are encouraged to help us build good student attendance that will enable students to achieve academic success, develop good habits, and foster responsible behavior.