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GSD Successes Benefit Grenada

The increased levels of success that Grenada School District has achieved are benefiting the students, parents, and teachers of our District. However, the progress and gains of our schools also directly affects the well-being and economic outlook of our City and County. GSD successes benefit our citizens by:
1. Providing attractive, not excessive tax millage
2. Increased employability of our students and, therefore, providing a broader workforce
3. Creating an environment and conditions to make Grenada more attractive for industry
4. Improving the quality of life for our citizens

The GSD Board of Trustees recently passed the 2011-2012 District Budget, with again no increase in local taxes. Even in these difficult economic times, the Grenada School District has been fiscally responsible and has requested no increase in local millage. In fact, our county millage is already lower than other comparable districts. Our millage for FY 2010 is 43.57 with Kosciusko’s millage at 54.25, Starkville City Schools’ at 65.52, Winona City Schools’ at 52.5, Greenwood City Schools’ at 46, North Panola District’s at 59.55, and South Panola District’s at 56.25. We have tightened our fiscal belt and provided optimum value for our parents and students.

GSD has implemented several initiatives to decrease our drop-out rate and increase our completion and graduation rates. Grant initiatives of AmeriCorps and 21st Century have established programs to increase individualized tutoring and academic/workforce skills. The State Department of Education’s statistics define a District decrease of 16.8% in the drop-out rate, a completion rate increase of 18.2%, and an increase in the graduation rate of 20.8%. These improvements will broaden the area workforce and increase the employability of our students.

The improvements in students’ academic success, demonstrated by our improved test scores, impact the school ratings for our District, and, therefore, make our schools attractive for incoming residents. A good school system is one of the primary indicators that a potential industry, business, or family requires for relocation.

The GSD school and District levels of success improve the quality of life that our county is able to provide. Visions and band performances, sports competitions in a wide variety of athletics, plays, and exhibits expand area entertainment options and offer a vehicle for community participation. Optimum facilities such as our recently renovated auditorium, outstanding stadium, and superior ball fields provide excellent venues for community events. The accomplishments and advancements of Grenada School District are positively affecting our area in numerous ways. The GSD is working to continue District progress and achievements to benefit our students, parents, and community to impact the prosperity and future of Grenada.
photo of Dr. David Daigneault