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Jack Holliday Scholarship fund

Every teacher hopes to make a difference in the lives of a few of their students. To positively affect the lives of hundreds of students over a whole career is icing on the cake. Jack Holliday was one of those teachers who had such an effect on his students.

Holliday, who recently passed away, spent a large portion of his life instilling knowledge and inspiring the leaders of the future at Grenada High School.

While at GHS, Holliday was not just a teacher. He also served as tennis coach, football coach, sponsored the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and held aluminum can recycling drives. He organized the science fair, and was responsible for coordinating the entire district’s participation in regional, state, and international competition. Holliday also sponsored the junior class and even donned a curly hippie wig while driving the class of 2001’s 60’s themed VW bus homecoming parade float!

As a teacher, however, Holliday shone the brightest. His science classes not only taught state-required objectives, but also introduced students to chocolate-covered crickets, fried crickets, fried kudzu, and fried worms! Upper classmen passed down tales of these strange food items and a strong work ethic was discovered under Holliday’s tutelage. Underclassmen alternately feared and desired a spot in one of his classes. His unique teaching methods made his students crave more class time with the distinctive educator.

Most students’ greatest memories of Holliday stem from the annual trip to Crow’s Neck Environmental Center. Each year, Holliday organized a trip to the center for GHS students where they learned about the environment, practiced team building exercises, and studied nature. As one former student stated, “At Crow’s Neck we found a true appreciation for the natural world as well as for our fellow students and our teacher.”

After learning of Holliday’s death, a group of former GHS students contacted Crow’s Neck with the intention of making a donation in his memory. The group received an overwhelming response to their idea, and after some discussion with a Crow’s Neck representative, the decision was made to establish a scholarship fund instead of making a one-time donation.

The Jack Holliday Memorial Scholarship Fund for Crow’s Neck Environmental Center, established through the Northeast Development Foundation in Booneville, Mississippi, will benefit deserving students wishing to attend Crow’s Neck that are unable to cover the cost of tuition. These deserving students will be allowed to request a scholarship from the fund to attend. This memorial is a fitting tribute to a man who contributed so much to our district. As another former GHS student said, “Coach was a man who bled red and blue and made students eat chocolate-covered crickets." Holliday’s dedication to science, Crow’s Neck, and Grenada High School will live on through the students who will benefit from this fund.

Cynthia Harrell, Crow’s Neck representative, expressed her thanks for the interest and desire to honor Jack Holliday, a true friend and Champion of Crow’s Neck. She also stated, “While today there is a hole in our hearts, we are all better people for having known, taught, and played with Jack, especially in a spot which he considered ‘not just a place, but an experience...Crow’s Neck!’ "

Contributions to the Jack Holliday Memorial Scholarship Fund may be mailed to: Northeast Development Foundation Attn: Jack Holliday Memorial Scholarship Fund 101 Cunningham Boulevard Booneville, MS 38829
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