GSD Improves Graduation Rate

Graduation. Is anyone really thinking of graduation at the beginning of the school year? Absolutely! In the Grenada School District, graduation and dropout prevention top the list of goals for most teachers and administrators – whether they work in elementary, middle, or high school. (Graduation is also on the mind of every member of the GHS senior class as well!)

Students celebrate graduation

In order to qualify for graduation, GHS students must pass all course work and five state tests. These SATP (Subject Area Testing Program) exams include U S History, Biology I, Algebra I, English II Multiple Choice, and English II Writing. Teachers at all grade levels play a major role in the performance of GSD students on SATP exams. Knowledge obtained at elementary levels provides the stepping stones for GSD students to climb to the top of the educational ladder.

Each year schools receive a grade called a QDI (Quality Distribution Index) based on how many of their students score advanced, proficient, and basic on SATP tests. Preliminary results show an increase in scores for GHS. All teachers and students involved should be commended for their hard work!

Grenada School District is devoted to improving the graduation rate. Our graduation rate rose 6% from the previous year and 20.8% over the last five years. The dropout rate fell 6% last year, and 16.8% over the last five years. This improvement stems from programs implemented specifically for this purpose. These programs include tracking students who transfer to another district, tutoring programs, high student expectations, and dedicated teachers. The tremendous gains in graduation rate and test scores are the result of hard work and commitment from all Grenada School District faculty, staff, and administrators. We will continue to focus on these important issues.

The students themselves play a major role in the Grenada School District’s goal to improve the graduation rate and decrease the number of dropouts. Please encourage all students to attend school regularly and place an emphasis on their education. With the cooperation of our students, parents, and our community, the Grenada School District can reach our goal of a 100% graduation rate! 
photo of Stephanie RaperStephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor