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GUES Forms Leadership Team

Grenada Upper Elementary is looking forward to an exciting new school year! Those visiting our building will find our 4th and 5th graders hard at work and already accustomed to their new schedules and routine. One new addition to this school year is our GUES Leadership Team. This new team will be an additional way our school is choosing to recognize and focus upon the positive behavior of our students.
The Leadership Team will be comprised of students that meet specific criteria. One student will be selected from each homeroom. The team will meet monthly after school to support a variety of endeavors at GUES. Some of their responsibilities will include: serving as ambassadors for our school, promoting positive behavior within our student body through skits and/or films, and continuing their own exemplary behavior. Their service project for the year will be fundraising and raising awareness of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Guest speakers will attend Leadership meetings to teach important leadership tools, Parliamentary Procedure, and the functions of community government. There will be additional special events and activities for the Leadership Team that will be announced at a later date.

Serving as sponsors for this team will be Mrs. Jan Walton, 4-H Agent for Grenada County, Mrs. Kerry Waugh, GUES Gifted Teacher, and Mrs. Carol Tharpe, GUES Assistant Principal.

Mrs. Tharpe Assistant Principal at GUES states, “This is a great way to reward those students that excel in academics, exhibit exemplary behavior, and show good citizenship. This organization will provide a means to foster a strong sense of pride in the school and community, as well as, stress the advantages of working together as a team. We will be developing the future leaders for tomorrow’s world in a fun and rewarding way.”
Assistant Principal and 4-H Agent