Hands-on Experience Rewards Students at Two Campuses

by Bonnie Brunt and Beth Muselwhite

Students from the Career ad Technical Center in Mr. Fred Taylor's Contruction and Carpentry classes recently completed shelving for The Kidzeum's new storage facility at GES. The Kidzeum has a storage facility that houses items for current and future exhibits.

There was a need for shelving to to store lightwieght items in the building. Mr. Raleigh Wood, Principal of grades 2-3 at Grenada Elementary School, worked with Dr. Cliff Craven, Director of the Career and Technical Center, to allow the students in the construction and carpentry classes to construct the shelves while gaining experience during the project.

The students traveled from the Career and Technical Center to Grenada Elementary School each morning for a week to work on the storage shelves. The young men and women in the classes worked with measuring tools, hammers, and power tools from their classroom to build the shelves. The students were very responsible as they cleaned up their work area each day.

Thanks to Mr. Taylor, Dr. Craven, and the students from the Career and Technical Center who completed this work for the Kidzeum. Beth Muselwhite, Director of The Kidzeum exclaimed, "I am so impressed by the students from the Construction and Carpentry classes. Their work is certainly a job well done!" Construction Group
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