GHS 9th Grade Students Tour Universities

One of the foremost goals of the Grenada High School 9th Grade Program is to prevent our students from dropping out of high school. Students are encouraged to focus beyond high school and to envision enrolling in college or vocational training, joining the military, or starting a career. Students are taught to narrow their vision and realize that finishing high school is the number one requirement for a successful future.

Each fall, the 9th grade students at Grenada High School are asked to sign our Freshman Class Pact, “Dropping out is not an Option.” The students pledge to be in the lineup for graduation with all their classmates and exhibit certain behaviors that will ensure high school completion. Some examples of these behaviors are: regular school attendance, completion of make-up work in a timely fashion, adequate study for tests, participation in extracurricular activities, and the use of conflict resolution skills.

Mr. Charles Washington, 9th Grade Principal, supports the 9th Grade Program by having an open door policy, offering students real world experiences, and providing resources for students and teachers.  He states,  “Our objective for the 9th Grade Program is to provide the students with a rigorous curriculum and to enable students to discover relevance for the information they are required to master.”  

For the past two years, 9th grade students have had the opportunity to tour college campuses. Last school year, approximately 300 students toured Mississippi Valley State University. This year, the 9th grade students toured Mississippi State University on September 13th and September 20. The students received a campus bus tour, a walking tour, lunch in the university cafeteria with current students, and a visit to the campus bookstore. Mrs. Jan Walton of the Mississippi State Extension Services and Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault assisted in arranging this tour, providing the tour free of charge for our 9th grade students.
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