Application for 2019-20 AmeriCorps

photo of entrance of GES Red Top

Grenada Elementary Red Top

Grades Pre-K-3;
GES Red Top has been recognized by Business Week Magazine as the Number One Rural School in America. GES houses "The Kidzeum," the first school-based children's museum in the US.
photo of the entrance of Grenada Elementary Green Top

Grenada Elementary Green Top

Grades 4-5;
At GES Green Top, we offer our students optimum learning experiences. In the Discovery Lab, our hands-on science lab, the instruction includes activities, experiments, and the latest advances in technology.
Discovery Lab
exterior of Grenada Middle School

Grenada Middle School

Grades 6-8;
Basic, supplementary, and remedial courses enable every student to excel. The walls have been transformed into teaching tools through the use of timelines, sculptures, and paintings in Walls That Teach.
Walls That Teach
Grenada High School

Grenada High

Grades 9-12;
General, pre-college, and technological needs are met with a broad range of concentrated instruction in preparation for the global world. GHS also boasts award-winning band, Visions, and NNDCC programs for the pursuit of artistic goals.

Career and Technical Center

Career & Technical Center

GCTC provides sequenced programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or further specialty study.
photo of entrance of Grenada Enrichment and Transition Center

Enrichment and Transition Center

GETC houses Alternative Education(for modification of behavior) and GED Program (preparation for the GED test).


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                                                Archived live streams                                                                 

Grand Champions 2019

72nd Grand Championship

The Grenada High School Marching Band won their 72nd Grand Championship at the Gibson County Marching Invitational in Tennessee recently. The contest included bands from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The show, called "Erendira - Warrior Princess" is an intricate blend of musical interpretation.
New Kidzeum technology

Programming an iPad

Kidzeum director Melanie Williams (center) shows elementary students how to use programming on an iPad to move their model windmill in the Kidzeum's new Kidz Tech room.
list of teacher discounts

New High Hopes Teacher Discounts

View High Hopes Adopt-a-School discounts from area businesses for the benefit of teachers and staff of Grenada School District

21st Century photo
GSD is applying for a 21st Century Grant for preK-5; GSD has received a 21st Century Grant for grades 6-12; To review or comment contact Central Office


available for grades 6-12- Tutoring and Skills classes include Podcasting/Music Production, Photoshop/Media Design, Pottery/Ceramics, Urban Agriculture/Archery, Weightlifting/Law Enforcement, Building Trades (9-12 only), Automotive/Welding (9-12 only), and Culinary Arts (9-12 only). (Principals will select ALL tutoring and Weightlifting/Law Enforcement students.) All classes will include free snacks and bus transportation home.For info, contact GMS or GHS principal or call the Parent Center at 227-3370. (If your class fills up, we will put you on a waiting list.) SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!
student shows owl pellet

Discovery Lab Owl Pellet Dissection

Owl pellets are balls of undigestible material such as bones, fur, and teeth that owls cough up regularly as part of their digestive process. The students were invited to dissect the pellets as an extension of their classroom science lesson.

"The owl pellet dissection is a great opportunity for our fifth grade students to gain a real-life understanding of how food chains work," said Discovery Lab director Taylor Buchanan.

Though some students were at first wary of the spit-up pellets, they became intrigued when they were able to identify different animal bones. As they picked bones out of the mushy brown pellets, a skeleton began to form, and the students were able to reconstruct what the owl had eaten.
Central office
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Food Service
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Gifted/ SpecialPrograms
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Grenada Education Center
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Partners in Education
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21st Century Program
21st Century Programs

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