GMS testing-2nd nine weeks Dec. 11-18, 2020

GHS boys home soccer game against Winona-Nov. 21- cancelled.
However, junior varsity girls will play at 9, junior varsity boys at 10, and varsity girls at 11.

Nov. 17 Varsity Basketball game postponed to Dec. 3(at South Panola same times)

Hybrid Method of Instruction to be Discontinued

Due to the small number of students enrolled in our hybrid model and the low performance of many of these students, the hybrid model will no longer exist for the second semester. We will be working on changing hybrid student’s schedule to either traditional or virtual over the next several weeks.

Grenada School District is recommending students and parents choose the traditional model based on the performance of our students’ first nine weeks grades. Parents have the choice of changing their children’s schedule to traditional or virtual now or make that choice prior to Christmas for the second semester. Again, the traditional model is recommended because of the majority of low performance hybrid model students. Bottom line, many students are not performing and learning the necessary skills to be promoted to the next grade.

It is our belief that your child will be more successful in the traditional model. Please make a decision very soon as our principals will be contacting you to give information about your child.

It is our hope that most of our students are placed in traditional or virtual classes by the end of the Thanksgiving break. We encourage all hybrid students and parents to make this decision with the guidance of your principals and keeping in mind your child’s grades and performance in school.

Dropout Prevention Plan 2020

Technology Agreement

Affordable Internet

GSD Technology Handbook 2020-21

Revised Facial Coverings Plan

Homeless Liason and Foster Contact -Dr. Tina Herrington

Link to Graduation video

photo of entrance of GES Red Top

Grenada Elementary Red Top

Grades Pre-K-3;
GES Red Top has been recognized by Business Week Magazine as the Number One Rural School in America. GES houses "The Kidzeum," the first school-based children's museum in the US.
photo of the entrance of Grenada Elementary Green Top

Grenada Elementary Green Top

Grades 4-5;
At Grenada Elementary Green Top, we offer our students optimum learning experiences. In the Discovery Lab, our hands-on science lab, the instruction includes activities, experiments, and the latest advances in technology.
Discovery Lab
exterior of Grenada Middle School

Grenada Middle

Grades 6-8;
Basic, supplementary, and remedial courses enable every student to excel. The walls have been transformed into teaching tools through the use of timelines, sculptures, and paintings in Walls That Teach.

Walls That Teach
Grenada High School

Grenada High

Grades 9-12;
General, pre-college, and technological needs are met with a broad range of concentrated instruction in preparation for the global world. GHS also boasts award-winning band, Visions, and NNDCC programs for the pursuit of artistic goals.

Archived Football

Career and Technical Center

Career & Technical Center

GCTC provides sequenced programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or further specialty study.
photo of entrance of Grenada Enrichment and Transition Center

Enrichment & Transition Center

GETC houses Alternative Education(for modification of behavior) and GED Program (preparation for the GED test).


Livestream Address

GSD Technology HelpDesk website

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October 2020 Communicator Issue

Teacher Work Days

Grenada School District has an important announcement concerning teacher workdays beginning 10/23/20 through 12/18/20 with a possibility of an extension.

Our teaching staff is experiencing a dramatic increase in workload due to COVID-19. Many of the teachers at the high school and middle school are teaching all three methods (traditional, hybrid, and virtual).

This increased workload includes the demands of a new learning management system (Canvas), contacting parents on a more regular basis, building assessments and instructional materials in Canvas, and processing attendance.

To help with the demands on our teaching staff, the teachers at Grenada Middle School and Grenada High School will be given workdays on Fridays from 1:15-3:30 beginning 10/23/20 through 12/18/20. GMS and GHS will be running a condensed schedule, meeting all class periods, on those days. Students will be released at 1:05 and buses will run at 1:12. Lunches will be provided at school. This extra time will help our staff provide our students with a higher quality education.

Grenada School District has taken into consideration that change to the elementary students’ schedules can cause a burden to our parents. Therefore, all elementary students (K-5) will attend virtually on 11/20/20 and 12/18/20, so they will only have 2 days interrupted. This will allow our teachers additional time to prepare for a quality education for every child. Grab and go lunches will be provided at the high school for all GSD elementary and virtual students on these two days from 10:30-11:30. The elementary principals will be sending out a notice about the work required for our elementary students.

The Pre-school calendar will remain unchanged. Pre-K students will attend as previously scheduled.

List of Local Clinics with COVID-19 Testing and Result Times

*Oakland Medical Clinic - 15 minute result time
14101 Hickory St., Oakland, MS 38948 662-623-7319

*Charleston Medical Clinic - 15 minute result time
451 S. Church St., Charleston, MS 38921 662-647-5816

*Holcomb Medical Clinic - 2 Tests Available (15 minute test & up to 48 hour test results)
1301 Sunset Dr. Ste E, Grenada, MS 38901 662-229-9787

* Tyler Holmes Memorial Hospital - 30 minute result time
409 Tyler Holmes Dr., Winona, MS 38967 662-283-4114

* UMMC - usually 24 hour result time 960 JK Avent Dr., Grenada, MS 38901 662-227-7200

*Quick Care Clinic - 24-48 hour result time 350 Sunset Dr., Grenada, MS 38901 662-307-2750

*Fast Pace Urgent Clinic - 3-10 day result time 700 Sunset Dr., Grenada, MS 38901 662-307-2884

*Mediquick Clinic -24 hour result time 1350 Sunset Dr. Suite B, Grenada, 662-229-0669

*Odom Rural Health Clinic -15-minute result time, 645 S. Main St., Water Valley, MS 38965 662-473-1311

*Arrington Medical Clinic - 3 Tests Available (15 min., 24 hour, and 72 hour tests) 14415 Main St., Coffeeville, MS 38922 662-675-2500

*Family Health Clinic – 15 minute result time, 1117 Sunset Dr, Grenada, MS 38901 662-226-0110

*Grenada County Health Department - Free testing for school district employees on Wednesdays every week. 1240 Fairground Rd., Grenada, MS 38901 662-226-3711

You may want to call clinics in advance to see how long their patient wait time is, to set up an appointment, and to discuss fees.

Learning CPR

Medical Detectives Class

Lifesaving skills are always important, but during a pandemic, they become extremely important! The Grenada Middle School Project Lead the Way Medical Detectives class recently upped their medical knowledge during a CPR/AED certification course.

Medical Mystery Alright, Who Done It?
Students in Mrs. Shann Worsham’s Comp II class learned to find out “who done it” as they conducted a murder mystery investigation.
Homecoming court

Homecoming Queen 2020

21st Century photo


All classes will include free snacks and bus transportation home.For info, contact GMS or GHS principal or call the Parent Center at 227-3370. (If your class fills up, we will put you on a waiting list.)

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